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Funko Pop Movies: V For Vendetta Vinyl Figure

Pop Movies V For Vendetta Vinyl Figure


Package Quantity: 1

Pop Movies V For Vendetta Vinyl Figure is definitely fantastic. A list of features are neat displayable window box, measures less than 4" and perfect for your desk or shelf. The Funko doll is 3.75" Height x 2.5" Length x 3" Width. It has a weight of 0.22 lbs. How to buy a Pop Movies V For Vendetta Vinyl Figure , visit the link below.

The subject of horrific scientific experiments and dressed inside a black cloak as properly as a Guy Fawkes mask, the anarchist V brought down a totalitarian fascist regime in Britain and reawakened a traumatized society towards the stirrings of freedom. V for Vendetta's symbol of resistance is brought to life in an urban, stylized design by Funko as part of their POP! Movies Vinyl Figure line. Standing 3 1/2"tall, V may not quote inspiring sayings to you, but his smiling visage will surely inspire you. Window box packaging.


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